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June 15, 2009

I just set up a new blog to help me keep track of this project:New Blog!
It's much easier to update and has much more available space for images than my website's cheap internet hosting plan affords.


2010: Officially Over!

This is not a for-profit kind of thing, and I do not consider this a means of income.  I just think it would be neat if we could make something good happen to someone deserving of it as a direct result of many doing very little?

It just so happens I know someone who could really use some help fixing up her home that is still all messed up after hurricane Ike last year. I can't tell you her name, as she doesn't know I'm doing this and she is a proud woman.  She needs her roof fixed, her floor fixed, a driveway, the list goes on and on.  If I could afford it myself, I would do it - but I can't.

So, you send money, i save it up until there is enough to send to someone else so they can fix up the anonymous person's home.

Sending a doodle for your donation, is just a way of saying thanks for being a nice person with the added benefit of "forcing" me to be creative - which I haven't felt like doing in a long time.  I'm not going to do anything fancy as it wouldn't make sense for me to spend more money than you give, to raise money.

There are no receipts. I am NOT a charity organization, just a person with an idea which may or may not work out.  We will see.  I'll keep a tally of what transpires, and maybe post some pics of the doodles along the way. It would be great to get pics of your smiling mug holding a doodle that I could post.   If this whole thing works out, I will post pics of the progress we make on helping someone get their home back together.

Doodle size, intensity, subject, style, media, and medium are all as unpredictable as are random acts of kindness between strangers.

When you are taken to Paypal, please be sure that your shipping address is correct or else someone else will be getting yours. Delivery of your doodle will be via the good old US Postal service, because lets face it, it's a doodle, not the Mona Lisa.

Just in case you are wondering, I've set the donation amount to $5, which after Paypal deducts its fee, amounts to $4.55 for the "cause".